VPedals work great with InqScribe. Furthermore, VPedals do not need an extra USB driver and will work directly on both Macs and Windows machines.

Macintosh Notes

You do not need to install the “VPedal.app” application provided by VPedal. InqScribe should be able to communicate with the pedal directly.

If you’re finding that pushing the pedal in InqScribe results in strange characters appearing in your transcript, check to see if you have the VPedal.app running. VPedal.app can interfere with InqScribe if you inadvertently set keyboard mappings for InqScribe.

If it is running, quit VPedal.app and see if that fixes the problem.

Or, better yet, remove the “InqScribe” application customization from the VPedal preference pane. In the VPEdal Preference pane, just select “InqScribe” from the Application popup menu and click on the “Remove” button.

Windows Notes

VPedals show up under “Control Panel:Game Controllers” as a “Galy Joystick”. You can use the Game Controllers control panel to test that Windows is able to communicate with the pedal.

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