InqScribe lets you insert timecode series, e.g. “lay down a timecode every 30 seconds,” like this:


This is typically used by transcriptionists who need to sync text with the video every n seconds. So you start with an empty transcript, insert the timecodes, then begin transcription.

You can insert time series by:

Start InqScribe

Create a new transcript

Select “Edit” menu→”Insert Time Series…”

Enter the number of seconds you want between each timecode, start and end times, and optionally a line break or text after each timecode.

Click “Insert”

…and transcribe away!

Note that InqScribe does not allow you to insert timecodes at pre-specified time intervals as you type. A feature like this would be impossible to implement properly because InqScribe would have no way of preventing situations where the timecode gets inserted in the middle a word that you are in the midst of typing, like th[00:00:11.11]is. That's just messy.

However, if your goal is to make timecode insertion as easy and as regular as possible, we offer some nifty suggestions for using snippets to insert timecodes automatically as you type.