If you’ve already received either an evaluation license code, or you’ve purchased InqScribe and received your single user license code, you can follow the steps below to enter your license code.

First, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the InqScribe software.

Once InqScribe is installed on your computer, here’s how you can enter the license code:

1. Start InqScribe

2. If you haven’t already registered InqScribe, you should see a window called “Thanks For Trying InqScribe!” At the bottom of the window is a button called “Enter License”.

If you have previously added a license code (e.g. an Evaluation License code), then you may not see the “Thanks For Trying InqScribe!” window. In that case, click on the “Help” menu and select the “Register InqScribe…” menu item.

3. You should see a window called “InqScribe Registration Status” and another window on top of that called “Register InqScribe”. Type your name in the text field labeled “Owner.”

4. Copy your license code from your email and paste it into the “License Code” field. The license code is a total of 15 letters+numbers with dashes. We STRONGLY recommend that you copy/paste the license code rather than type it. 

If you typed or pasted it in correctly, you should see the “Register” button light up and become clickable. If the “Register” button remains unclickable, then you didn’t get the license code right. Check to make sure that you didn’t copy an extra space at the beginning or end of the code. If you typed the code in, make sure you’re using the right letters, paying particular attention to zeros and the letter “O”, and one and the small letter “i” or “l”. Note that you MUST have a name in the Owner field too in order for the “Register” button to work.

5. Click on the close button to close the Registration Window. If the registration was successful, you should see the main InqScribe window appear in the back. InqScribe is now registered.

On a Windows PC, click on the red “X” in the upper right hand corner to close the window. On a Mac, click on the red “x” button in the upper left corner to close the window.